Success Steps

700+ FICO Score

It Starts With Good to Excellent Credit

Having a credit score in the range of good to excellent can be a paramount asset when endeavoring to finance a business purchase. A stellar credit history not only opens doors to a myriad of financing options but also serves as a testament to one’s financial responsibility and reliability. Lenders are more inclined to offer favorable terms, lower interest rates, and higher loan amounts to individuals with exemplary credit, reflecting a heightened level of trust in their ability to manage debt. This advantageous credit standing not only streamlines the financing process but also empowers entrepreneurs to negotiate more favorable terms, facilitating a smoother transition into business ownership. Ultimately, a strong credit profile is a cornerstone in the foundation of securing the financial support necessary to embark on entrepreneurial ventures and navigate the intricacies of business acquisition with confidence.

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Purchase an Existing Profitable Business

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Video Interview

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Safe Funds

Apply for funds to cover the typical down payment for a business of your choice

Target Acqusition

Work with a member of our team to locate the business that best suits your needs.


Letter of Intent and formal Due Diligence


Make it yours and take control of your new business!

Personal Mentoring

We will walk you through all the steps!

An experienced mentor plays a pivotal role in easing the anxieties associated with buying a business. With a wealth of knowledge, they guide prospective owners through the complexities of acquisition, offering practical insights and navigating potential challenges. By openly addressing concerns and providing a roadmap for success, a mentor helps mitigate fears and instills confidence in individuals looking to make a business purchase. 

How to Buy and Sell Businesses